Chuck Scalin  visual artist
Red/Blue Composition 2014Sprial: ParisBlue Wedge :NYCBlue Arc: NYC"20" red stripe
from the New York City street series
2013Red Diagonal LineGray with Rust

Collection of Capitol OneScratched Red composition

Collection of Capitol One"t" with nail

Collection of Capitol OneSmall Yellow SquareBlue StripesWrinkleBlue Wall With 2 Black Rectangles: NYC"X"Red Composition 
from the Streets of Paris series
 WedgeOrange/Green CompositionGreen LineSplitCrackedNight LandscapeStormGold Warriorblue white dotswomen with colors2 black linescircled numbersnailed boards 2abstract image 2"a""I"Squiggle: NYC
Color Photography