Chuck Scalin  visual artist
I'm a gleaner and a collector.
I search and gather both found materials and visual information from the cities I visit and incorporate them into my work.

Throughout my artistic career the urban landscape has been and continues to be a source of inspiration for me. This unending offering of surface texture, indigenous color and architectural detail have all become part of my visual vocabulary. Through this process I have leaned to appreciate the inherent beauty found in the ordinary and the ephemeral.

As a visual artist, my interests extend beyond any single medium and have driven me to experiment with photography, collage, assemblage, kiln fired glass and clay. I've enjoyed the challenge of exploring the inherent limitations of each medium I explore and allow myself to move from medium to medium bringing the information acquired from one into the next and then back again.

I was trained by instructors from the "new" Bauhaus in Chicago and this educational experience has played a crucial role in my development as a professional artist.

Red/Blue Composition 2014