Chuck Scalin  visual artist
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Mixed Media Glass Works

RUSH, my exhibition of kiln fired glass opened in May of 2008 at Quirk Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. I exhibited 26 mixed-media glassworks for this exhibition. These 14 pieces are from this exhibit.

The creative “rush” comes after the piece is removed from the kiln, with the challenge of where and how to take the piece to completion. Inspiration for these pieces was derived from the irregular textures, color alterations, and accidents that occur during the firing process and result in determining the direction of the final abstract composition.

The challenge of working in the glass medium, was being able to accept the intrinsic beauty of the medium’s unpredictability and incorporate that feature into each unique piece.The unexpected changes or accidents that occurred during the firing process, became a desirable aspect in this body of work and was a welcome challenge for these works.