Chuck Scalin  visual artist
Poster for Body of Evidence ExhibitBox #1Box #2Box #3Box #4Box #5Box #6Box #7Box #8Box #9Box #10Box #11Box #12Box #13Box #14
Body of Evidence Exhibition 2012
These 14 assemblages were motivated by my interest in pop culture and the ever present crime scenes procedural television shows I’d been watching for years.

This series titled Body of Evidence, was exhibited at Ghostprint Gallery in Richmond, VA, March of 2012.

For this exhibition I created 14 “evidence boxes” and developed the following narrative: “Examine a number of recently discovered, long-forgotten boxes containing evidence for unsolved mysteries or 'cold cases'. Laden with hidden meaning and enigmatic clues the viewer is invited to let their own imagination run wild and attempt to solve their dark puzzles."

The image on the exhibition poster, represents the discovery of the boxes with a Weegee crime scene style photograph and was designed by Noah Scalin.